Dan Guide 2013 040613

Dorcas Casey: Bruton Museum
I work with a broad range of materials to make my sculptures, sometimes transforming existing objects like old clothes and blankets into my work and sometimes using traditional skills like mould-making and casting. For this project, I will be looking at traces of animal symbolism and casting in the collection at Bruton Museum.

Caitlin Heffernan: Chard Museum
I am an installation artist working across sculpture and textiles. I often work site-specifically researching the history of a site, using relevant materials to the place. I work collaboratively with different communities to inform my installations and co-create on projects.

Andrea Oke: Axbridge & District Museum   
Traditional processes of drawing and printmaking feature predominantly in my work, however they combine with digital technology to provide another dimension to the stories that I work with. During this project I will be exploring how digital media can combine with traditional crafts to illustrate forgotten histories.

Jess Davies: The Museum Of Dartmoor Life
I mostly use printmaking in my work, as a way to distil down to simple evocative images. I get drawn to landscapes where human hand is evident; I am interested in exploring what it means to be ‘guardians of the land’. In this project I am using prints to link Dartmoor visually to the collection of The Museum Of Dartmoor Life, which has many tools and objects that have changed Dartmoor over time.

Jacky Oliver: Teign Heritage Museum
For Muse I have been working from the technical drawings from the Morgan-Giles boat yard. 3D wire interpretations of lines,celebrate the beauty of the marks on the page. Areas will be in-filled with etched and/or enameled elements with details from different documents relating to Teignmouth.

Emma Molony: Axminster Heritage Centre  
I’m a printmaker and wallpaper designer and during this project, I was drawn to the repeat carpet patterns on Thomas Whitty’s 18th Century Axminster carpet. I’ve tried to use monotype to create a moving carpet with patterns that change and transform.

Taja: Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum
I was inspired by the history and the building of this museum. I will create site specific work for two rooms using porcelain paper clay – Porcelain Blinds for the Lorenz room by the local primary school and Porcelain Hangings by the local community college and myself.

Sean Harris: Wells and Mendip Museum
My work encompasses a variety of media; printmaking, animation, sculpture, installation and sound. Broadly speaking, it explores our relationship with the natural world, how environment shapes culture and how we make and define ‘place’. In this I am particularly interested in the role of creatures as vessels of resonance and meaning and their function as symbols of cultural continuity.